Sign WFIR's Mailform Thank you for your interest in joining Washingtonians For Immigration Reform (WFIR) Our main goal as an organization is to inform the public and to seek reform of our nation's immigration policies, insist that all immigration laws be enforced and our borders be adequately patrolled and secured. We welcome new members to our organization without regard to race, religion or national origin and we harbor no disrespect toward immigrants. We believe that it is the quantity of immigration to America and the State of Washington which is straining our environmental, fiscal, and social structures. Washingtonians For Immigration Reform respects your privacy and will never sell, transfer or give your information to any other organizations. We do request that members pay annual dues of $25.00 for an individual application and $35.00 for a couple to offset operational expenses. Dues are not tax deductible. Please furnish the following information so that we may contact you.

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