WFIR, Washingtonians For Immigration Reform, is a non profit, public service organization whose members believe that our immigration laws and practices must be reformed. We are very critical of the national laws relating to legal immigration and of the enforcement policies of the Clinton, Bush and Obama administrations relative to illegal immigration.
We believe that both our national and local governments, including our State legislature and other local governmental bodies, have a role and responsibility to reform our immigration system. 

Our membership includes Americans of multiple political persuasions, including both Democrats and Republicans. Our ethnic origins are as diverse as is our native population. We are not an arm of any political party or special interest group. Membership in our group is open to any American citizen without regard to race, color, creed or religion.


1. Increases K through 12 student populations. Increases per student costs of education system because of language deficiency and poverty of most immigrant families.
2. Increases demand on community colleges and four year colleges.
3. Increases law enforcement costs.
4. Increases need for housing, both public and private. Forces increased density of housing. Increases costs of housing subsidies.
5. Overloads our transportation system, particularly our highway systems.
6. Increases need for and cost of pollution controls and sewage and waste disposal systems.
7. Increases demand for our electric power and water supplies.
8. Increases costs of social and medical services. A large percentage of immigrants pay neither income nor property taxes.
9. Increases pressure on our agricultural resources. 
10. Increased demands on our park systems and on hunting and fishing resource.
11. Increased demand for low paying unskilled jobs.
12. Creates surplus labor pool to support anti union employers.


13. Creates underground economy for under the table businesses and employees who do not pay their fair share of taxes.

14. Lowers our moral and civic values by encouraging disregard for the law.

15. Creates an improved climate for professional criminals and irresponsible misdemeants.

16. Challenges our need for population control since most illegals have higher fertility rates than our native populations.

17. Places extra burden on our current taxpayers and tax base.

We have no duty to raise the living standard levels of all the oppressed peoples of the third world countries at our expense. The depressed economic levels of the common people of Mexico, Guatemala, Central America, the Caribbean countries and South America had their genesis in the treatment of indigenous people and the importation of slaves by Spain and Portugal. In spite of countless coups, civil wars and revolutions, that heritage has not been overcome in most of those countries. (This was often because of our American government and politically powerful economic interests, such as United Fruit in Guatemala, aided dictatorships and undemocratic interests in those countries.)
Those conditions began with the enslavement of the indigenous people by the Spanish and Portuguese conquistadors and the religious organizations they used to support those exploitations. It has been continued to this day by the actions of the ruling elites, supported in many cases by the American government and American, English and other European and Asiatic moneyed and corporate interests. If we have any duty at all towards those oppressed people it is to help them rid themselves of their oppressors and prevent unlawful intervention by the American government and corporate interests. We should not provide the oppressors with a safety valve which permits them, the oppressing elites, to continue their oppression.
We in the USA do not have any duty to admit all the people in the world to come to the US in order to raise their living standards at the expense of our native population. Those people have a duty to themselves to change their own conditions as our forefathers did in 1776 by throwing off the yoke of the oppressors.
If these policies seem harsh or onerous remember that our government has been providing free educational, travel, health/dental and recreational benefits to people from under developed countries for decades. For example, the CASS programs, funded by the State and Federal government, provides college educations for low income young people from Central America and the Caribbean throughout the US. All without an iota of reciprocity on the part of the countries of origin whose leaders and economic communities are wealthy beyond imagination.
It should also be noted that both Mexico and Guatemala have strict restrictions on immigration, unless of course it is to help the illegals enter the United States. (Their detention paid for by the U.S., according to a recent news story about the 40 illegal east indians in Guatemala.) Likewise, most European countries have similar restrictions.


Our corporate political structure is such that we cannot offer tax credits for contributions to WFIR. Consequently we are free to endorse or financially support candidates for public office. It is our intent to do so with those whom we choose to support who wish to have our endorsement. While we will not publicly endorse a candidate who does not want our endorsement we may disclose their answers to our questionnaires and the fact that they may refuse to participate in our endorsement process.


We believe that a single national language, English in our case, is an important unifying national force. While any resident should have the freedom to speak any language he/she chooses, we should not foster other languages as official means of communications. We should not provide tax support for fostering other languages except in our educational system and there only to learn the other languages in addition to and not in the place of English. For that reason as well as others we oppose bilingual educational courses in our primary school system. 
We oppose the printing of ballots in any language other than English. We support free ESL courses for all citizens and legal permanent residents. We oppose free ESL language courses for all illegal immigrants. We should be discouraging the entry of illegals, not encouraging them by making it easier for them to illegally obtain employment. This lowers the living standards of middle and lower class Americans. 
We oppose the issuance of drivers' licenses or State identity cards to any illegal immigrant. On the national level we should require a centralized national ID card, combined with our social security numbers for all non citizen immigrants.
We should require all State and local law enforcement personnel to assist the INS in enforcing our immigration laws. We should permit them the same latitude in discovering illegal immigrants as we allow officers to discover other law breakers. 
Likewise, federal law should permit State law enforcement officers to enforce the immigration laws. Broken language combined with lack of positive ID proving American citizenship or legal presence should provide probable cause for arresting suspected illegal residents. 
Federal law should be changed, if necessary, to require prosecution and deportation of aliens who are illegally here and those who have overstayed their visas. National legislation should be adopted requiring federal law enforcement personnel to cooperate with local law enforcement personnel and citizens in the enforcement of our illegal immigration statutes. More money should be provided for federal law enforcement personnel and prosecutors to enforce those laws and to prosecute those selling or providing false identification of any kind to illegal aliens and to do so should be made a felony.
State legislation should be adopted requiring all public officials, including judicial officials other than attorneys representing those accused of crimes, to report knowledge obtained by them regarding illegal immigrants. Laws requiring the prosecution and deportation of illegal immigrants, especially those violating our criminal laws should be strictly enforced.
We oppose any amnesty for illegal aliens. Previous amnesties have encouraged additional illegal immigration. Why reward those who have intentionally broken our laws numerous times?
We favor repeal of national legislation favoring entry of above average educated aliens for any purpose unless it can be clearly demonstrated that our educational institutions, with financial assistance from either the governments or private industry, cannot provide such educated personnel. 
Federal and State officials should be strictly enforcing the laws prohibiting the employment of illegal immigrants. 


1. Laws should either be enforced or repealed.
2. Illegals cause a reduction in the living standards of average Americans, whether small business employers or employees.

a. Many do not pay their taxes because of 'under the table' practices or because they simply fail and refuse to file income tax returns.
b. Many claim dependents who do not exist.
c. Not being citizens or permanent residents they have no sense of obligation to contribute to the welfare of our country.

3. Illegals have an over all depressing effect upon all wages simply because of the laws of supply and demand and they usually compete with members of the most unskilled native work force.
4. Their children cause overcrowding of our schools.
5. Their need for housing creates a burden on housing availability, consequently raising the cost of housing for everyone. This creates burdens on our infrastructure and abuse of our environment.
6. Density of population threatens our environment. For example, the air in Mexico City and Guatemala City is so polluted that it looks like a permanent fog. This is the result of too many people and too many gas powered vehicles without the required expensive measures to control pollution.


We recognize that at one time or another most of us have violated the law. There is however an acceptable level of law breaking such as exceeding the speed limit or making excessive noise. Entering our country illegally exceeds that tolerance level just as burglary and theft does. While we might be able to ignore an occasional misdeed, violations of the law in the field of immigration cannot be tolerated! This often sets a pattern that continues with false ID, smuggling, welfare fraud and failure to pay their taxes.
We understand what motivates most illegal immigrants. They want to earn more money than they can earn in their native countries. In addition most of them come from countries where their governments are extremely corrupt. 
Nonetheless we should not tolerate that massive law breaking. We should punish our public officials for allowing it. It breeds disrespect for the law, our government and our judicial systems. It fosters overt corruption of our public officials.
We are aware of the history and policies of our American government towards the indigenous peoples in our country and towards the natives of other countries of the world. We are particularly aware of those policies toward the people and governments of Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. It is not a record of which we are particularly proud. This is the nature of history. We are not responsible for the acts of the American government which occurred before the eldest of us were born.
None the less, even the conduct of our ancient predecessors does not match the opprobrium of the governments of Spain and Portugal towards the indigenous peoples of what is now Mexico, Central America, the Caribbean and South America. Likewise, our conduct was no worse than that of the conquering countries of Europe, Africa and Asia.
The cliche that 'we Americans are all descended from immigrants', thereby justifying unlimited immigration is pure nonsense. So are 99.9 % of all the people of the world! We do not believe that we have any special duty or reason to provide restitution or compensation or to repent, provide expiation or apology for the sins or misdeeds of our American predecessors in their treatment of our indigenous people or of the people of other nations which occurred before our time.
The history of human kind is one of violent conquest, and the exploitation and enslavement of conquered peoples. The theft of their property, territory and natural resources goes back thousands of years. This was true even before Moses left Egypt for the promised land, which was not vacant land but occupied by the Samaritans. The concept that might makes right and that the leaders of nations are above the law is a universal concept. We Americans have been and are no different.

Napoleon once said that the people get the kind of government that they deserve.
We do not deserve the egregious disregard of the law by governmental agencies having the responsibility of enforcing it, from the president on down, both Democratic and Republican, that has resulted in massive illegal immigration!